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Ryans pharmacy has been providing professional pharmacy to Nackawic and surrounding communities since 1970. Every day we strive to provide our patients and customers with a wide range of products and the highest level of service. The key to our success is our dedicated staff and our ability to adapt to an ever changing profession and market. Ryans Pharmacy Guardian Drugs is a member of Drug Trading the largest independent pharmacy services provider in Canada and The PCCA compounding group based in Houston.
Being a member in these organizations allows Ryans Pharmacy to leverage their resources enabling greater value added for our patients and customers. We invite you to visit our store.
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Professional Services
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Collaborative Practice Principles
Immunization Certification and Travel Clinic
Cardiovascular Health Certificate
Diabetes Management Training
Support Hosiery Fitting Training

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Travel Consultations
Whether you’re taking a short weekend getaway or traveling to a remote corner of the world, it is important you take certain steps to ensure your trip is as enjoyable as possible. Often the standards of safety, cleanliness, and medical care are not the same in foreign countries as here in Canada, increasing your risk for travel-related illnesses and accidents.
If you are currently planning a trip, be sure to book a travel consultation at Ryans Pharmacy. We will ensure that you not only receive the necessary vaccine(s) but also some helpful health-related advice to prevent common travel ailments.
A pharmacy based travel clinic benefits our clients in the following ways:

Pharmacists are one of the most accessible health professional groups. We are available for extended hours and are in close contact with our patients.
As your medication experts, and given pharmacists’ ability to prescribe certain medications, we will work with you to ensure all your pre-travel prescription and over-the-counter medication needs are met.

At Ryans Pharmacy Travel we subscribe to Travax®, which is a comprehensive medical resource, tailored to international travelers. It combines information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as many other resources to help us:

Determine country specific vaccine requirements
Generate individualized itinerary reports
Keep up-to-date with new information
Encourage safe and healthy travel

Contact us to book an appointment with our certified specialists.